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New 200 Rupees Note | Rs 200 Ka Note

New 200 Rupees Note | Rs 200 Ka Note

New 200 Rupees Note | Rs 200 Ka Note

Rs 200 Note : Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ne aaj “New 200 Rupees Note” in India or “Rs 200 Ka Note” jaari kiya hai. RBI ka kehna ki 200 Rupees Note se Rs 100 ke bajaye len den me assani hogi. RBI ne sath hi sath yeh bhi kahha hai ki “200 Ka Naya Note” jald hi bank me uplabdh or chalan me bhi jald hi aajayga. Or niche humne bataye hai New 200 Note ke kuch feature jo ki government dwara hi bataye gaye jisse aap new 200 rupees note ke nakli note se bach sake. To ab hum sabse pehle aapko batayenge ki “Rs 200 Note” dikhta kaisa hai.

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Rs 200 Note

Today 8 August 2017, the RBI has introduce the first-ever New “Rs 200 Note” in India and the reserve bank of India said that the New 200 Rupees Note is expected to available in nearest bank in coming days. The Authority has also released the basic Features & the Information of new note of 200 in India to be aware from Duplicates & fake 200 Rs Note. To know more about the features of Rs 200 Note Read below article.

How does New 200 Rupee Note looks like

Ab hum aapko dikhayenge ki 200 ka note kese dikhta hai wo bhi dauno aur se:

200 Ka Note | from front side

rs 200 note

New 200 Rupees Note | Rs 200 Note

200 Ka Naya Note | from back side

new 200 note

new 200 note | 200 ka naya nota | rs 200 note

Some Features of 200 Rs Note India

The new note of 200 rs slightly looks better, RBI has tried new color for rs 200 note which is bright yellow. And below we have discussed the important features of 200 rs note to be aware from fake notes:

Features of New Note of 200 (Front)

  1. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the Center of new 200 note.
  2. The color of thread will change from Green to Blue by tilting the rs 200 note.
  3. See through the register with communal points 200.
  4. Latent image with communal number 200.
  5. The new 200 rupee note is consist of micro letters such as RBI, भारत, India and 200.
  6. The symbol of Rs. 200 also consist of color changing ink. (Green to Blue).
  7. As always the Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right of the 200 Rs Note.
  8. New note of 200 rs has consist the watermark of 200 on the portrait of Gandhi.
  9. Denominational numeral २०० in Devnagari

Features of New 200 Rs Note in India (Back)

  1. Motif of Sanchi Stupa
  2. Printing Year of the note on the left side
  3. As always language panel
  4. Logo of Swachh Bharat with their slogan
  5. २०० in Devanagari Dimension

Rs 200 Note

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