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Tor Browser | Free Download for Mac, Window, Android

Tor Browser Free Download

Tor Browser Free Download

The Tor Browser : Tor Browser is almost similar as Incognito Mode in Google chrome browser. Tor Browser never let anyone to see your Network Connection, Communication, or what are you Surfing on Internet. Basically “Tor Browser” use high privacy settings even more than the Chrome Incognito Mode. The another feature of this browser is that tor browser never let anyone know your physical location, and it also let you surf site which are blocked in your country. You can “download tor browser” through link provided below.

What is Tor Browser

What is Tor Browser ? well we have discussed this above, OK let us tell you in simple language. Usually tor browser hide your network location through which know one can find your location from where you are using Internet. And tor browser also never let anyone know that which-which sites you have surf or visit.

In many countries, they have their own WWW protocol, so tor browser also help you to surf the block sites which are Temporary or Permanently blocked in your country.

How To Use Tor Browser

There is no need of rocket science for how to use tor browser, it is as simple as you are using other Internet Browser. All you need is that you have to first download tor browser from their official site. In the below post we have also discussed that how to download tor browser.

Is Tor Browser Safe

Yes, the Tor Browser is safe to use, but some of tor feature make it so unsafe to use, one of the most unsafe feature is noted below. So as we know that the tor browser never let anyone find your location or never let anyone know bout your internet network. Basically tor browser never use Cookies or Caches, therefor it will never use your Personal or Important Information.

Tor Browser Review : The huge amount of reviews shows that the tor browser is totally safe and but you should check on your own for safety issue read more at Tor Browser Safety Issue.

NOTE : Never Download or Open Document file in Tor Browser. It will save automatically in tor server file, which can easily Open or Read by Tor Backhander.

Tor Browser Free Download

In the starting, the Developer of tor browser provide this browser only for some platforms or devices. But after the increasing of users, they have provided tor browser for many platform. You can free download tor browser for Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux without needing of another software or applications.

Tor Browser for Mac

Download Tor Browser for Mac :

Download Tor Browser for Mac

Tor Browser Free Download For Windows 7

Download Tor Browser for Window 7 :

Download Tor Browser for Window 7

Tor Browser For all type Microsoft Window (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, ME, and Windows 98SE) :

Download Tor Browser For Window

Tor Browser For Android

Download tor browser Android apk :

Download Tor Browser For Android

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